DNA/Paternity Testing

DNA TestingToxGlobal offers paternity and family relationship DNA testing. Our DNA testing services are used by our clients for:

With our DNA testing services we provide our clients with:


The Testing Process

DNA is extracted from a few drops of blood, cheek cells, or cultured cells. Samples then undergo a testing process which is repeated several times, with each probes identifying a different area in the DNA and producing a distinct pattern. Using several probes, greater than 99.99% certainty about parentage can be achieved.

To ensure a strict chain-of-custody, all parties are positively identified, photographed and fingerprinted when samples are collected. We store all DNA samples in a secured facility to ensure accurate, legally defensible results. A notarized test report will be sent to all tested parties and attorneys if requested. No results are given over the phone.

We deliver the fastest results in the industry. We have a variety of services with results available in 5 to 14 business days. Urgent testing is available upon request.

Our DNA paternity services are also available on site. Call us to schedule your private testing 877-225-0316 EXT 3 or Contact Us.