Alcohol Testing Services

alcohol_breathalyzerToxGlobal offers breathalyzer services through evidential breath testing (EBT) and EtG alcohol testing through our breathalyzer services. The EBT test is the most commonly used  breath testing during DUI cases.  Our technicians use the Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 BT GK34 Breathalyzer for all EBT testing.  The EtG alcohol test is a laboratory-based urine test that measures the metabolites of alcohol. It is a very accurate way to detect recent alcohol use. EtG is detectable in the urine for up to 80 hrs after the consumption of alcohol. We also provide instant oral alcohol testing devices for non DOT testing purposes.

Our certified Breath and Alcohol Technicians can provide the following services:

All tests provided by ToxGlobal are legally defensible and conducted according to DATIA and the DOT Part 40 CFR.

For workplace alcohol testing, our Lifeloc Phoenix 6.0 BT GK34 and instant oral test devices are excellent choices due to:

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